Did you know that learning to fly opens up over 12,000 airports and landing strips in the United States for you to visit? Learning to fly lets you travel farther and faster and lets you have more FUN getting there. This opens up a whole new world for you, including:
• Adding spice to your weekends, day-trips and vacations
• Expanding your business opportunities
• Starting a career in aviation
Air Associates can help. We are a Cessna Pilot Center, a specially selected flight school that offers the highest level of top quality flight training, including:
• Private Pilot, Instrument and Commercial ratings
• Interactive, computer based instruction and testing
• Flight training in top of the line Cessna aircraft, including the 172 Skyhawk, the world’s most popular flight training aircraft
• Clean, quiet study areas and classrooms
• Basic ATD Simulator by ASA (expanded FAA allowable training capabilities over PC/ATD’s)
Additionally, as a Cessna Pilot Center, we are supported by Cessna, the world’s largest manufacturer of flight training aircraft. More people have trained in Cessna aircraft than any other. Most important, you’ll find out that flying is FUN, and rewarding. And, you’ll love the customer service and warm hospitable atmosphere at Air Associates. We love flying, and we want to pass that on to you.
In addition, Air Associates can provide you the full range of training and ratings, including:
Come in and talk to us about our flight school. Take a tour our pilot center, review a demonstration of the computer-based instruction and go up for a FIRST Flight, a demonstration flight where you actually fly the airplane and begin to experience the fun of flight!! Give us a call, and LET’S GET STARTED!!


The Pilot Academy proudly boasts an experienced, educated professional staff of Flight Instructors. With a large number of instructors, finding one to fit both your learning style and schedule is easy.


Andrew Riggins

Born and raised in Blue Springs, MO. Earned a Bachelors degree in business administration from UMKC. Always having been intrigued by the thought of flying I moved down to Florida to pursue a career in Aviation. After 3 years of training and instructing I have accumulated over 1,000 hours of instruction given in both single and multi-engine aircraft. I also fly a Cessna Citation Jet for a local Kansas City operation. When not flying I enjoy being outdoors fishing, and attending every Royals and Chiefs game that I can. I'm always positive and laid back and enjoy helping students achieve their goals and dreams in aviation.

Matthew Clark

Matt grew up in Des Moines and has been in the Kansas City area for five years. After obtaining his ratings and aviation degree in Omaha, he began flying the Embraer 145 for a regional airline which is his full time job. Matt enjoys the opportunity to teach general aviation whenever home.

Jason Farwell

Raised in Leavenworth, KS, Jason has been around flying his entire life. Jason is a graduate of K-State Salina’s Aviation program. Jason says that his father got him interested in flying and obtaining his Private Pilot Certificate. When not flying, Jason enjoys fishing, hunting and golf.

Scott Allen

CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP, IGI, A&P, Air Traffic Controller
Scott grew up in Kansas City and began flying in high school. He continued flying at the University of Central Missouri. While there, he earned a Master’s degree in Aviation Safety and an aviation maintenance certificate. In his free time, Scott enjoys fishing, woodworking and spending time outdoors.

Jeanné Willerth

Jeanné Willerth is a Master CFI who provides single and multi-engine training. She was named the 2015 “CFI of the Year” for both the Kansas City FSDO and the FAA’s Central Region. Jeanné was the 2012 “National FAASTeam Rep of the Year” and her primary emphasis is safety and lifelong learning. She also does aviation consulting and presents aviation seminars around the country. Jeanné is a local airport board member and is active in the Ninety-Nines, SAFE, and the Missouri Pilots Association. She volunteers for Angel Flight Central, Challenge Air, LifeLine Pilots and Young Eagles.

Abhijeet Chitale

Abhijeet is a part-time flight instructor for single and multi-engine land aircraft for sport, private, commercial licenses and instrument rating.

Tanner Thompson

Tanner was raised in Phillipsburg, KS, which is just past Middle-of- Nowhere, KS. After graduating from K-State Salina with his pilot degree and Flight Instructor licenses, he started flight instructing at Air Associates. Tanner now only flight instructs part-time. He first caught the “flight bug” in high school when he flew with his buddy’s dad back home. In his free time, Tanner likes spending time with family and going to Chiefs and Royals games.

Gary Hadley

Gary is a long time resident of Kansas City and grew up in the Stanley and Stilwell area of Kansas City. He works during the day as a mechanical engineer and evenings-afternoons and weekends as a flight instructor. Gary received his initial flight training in Dallas and West Texas and completed his Flight Instructor rating at Air Associates in 2008 and has been passionate about flight training ever since. Gary enjoys the outdoors, travel, adventure, Skiing and the Colorado Mountains. He is also an aircraft owner.

Colby Walter

I went to KSU Salina in 2008 and completed the University Bachelor’s Degree, part 141 program, in 2013 with a minor in Aviation Safety, and small UAS. I continued to instruct there I till I landed a job at Lifeteam, a company that provides AirMedivac services to central and Western KS. After a one year stint there I landed a job at Executive AirShare, a fractional company based in KC, in March of 2015. When I first started there the company was extremely busy due to growth, keeping me busy. Since January the AirShare has slowed down due to hiring more pilots and I decided to take a job instructing at Air Associates in May.

Travis Huetter

I am originally from Omaha, Nebraska and graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a B.S. in Aviation-Professional Flight. I am a huge Husker fan and have been flying around the Midwest for over 8 years. I currently hold a CFII and a Commercial with Multi-Engine Ratings.



2011 Cessna 162 Skycatcher – N7027F

100 HP Continental O-200
Empty Weight: 857.48 lbs
Empty CG: 131.9406 inch/lbs
Useful Load at Takeoff: 462.52 lbs
N7027F has these options installed:
MFD- 2nd Kit
PM3000 Intercom
Oil Quick Drain Valve
Tail Tie Down Guard
Burgundy Vinyl Accent Graphic

2005 Cessna 172 – N1053X

Fuel Injected.
KX155A Nav/Com w/GS.
KX155A Nav/Com.
KMD550 Multifunction Display.
KLN94 GPS. (IFR Certified, Current Database)
KAP140 Dual Axis Autopilot w/Altitude Select.
KT76C Transponder w/Encoder.
KMA028 Audio Panel w/Marker Beacon and Split Intercom.
4-Place Intercom w/PTT.
Leather Seats.
Fuel Capacity: 53 gal.
Basic Empty Weight: 1,718.2 lbs.
Empty Weight Center of Gravity: 41.07.
Useful Load: 840 lbs.

2012 Cessna 162 Skycatcher – N60594

2002 Cessna 172 – N227TW

Completely retrofitted with the latest touch-screen Avionics system from Garmin
Garmin G500 Avionics System (Including Synthetic Vision)
Garmin GTN 750 fully integrated GPS/NAV/COM
Garmin GTN 650 GPS/NAV/COM
GDL 69A XM Reciever
GMA 35 Audio Panel control unit
GTX 33 mode S transponder
Fuel Injected
KAP140 Dual Axis Autopilot w/Altitude Select.
Leather Seats
Weight & Balance Information
Fuel Capacity: 53 gallons
Basic Empty Weight: 1,711 lbs.
Empty CG: 41.54 Inches
Empty CG Moment: 71067.8 Inch/lbs.
Max Gross Weight: 2550 lbs.
Useful Load: 839 lbs.
* Check POH for current information

2002 Cessna 172 – N5258Y

Fuel Injected
KX 155 Nav/Comm w/GS.
KX 155 Nav/Comm.
KMD550 Multifunction Display.
KLN94 GPS. (IFR Certified, Current Database)
KAP140 Dual Axis Autopilot w/Altitude Select.
KT 76C Transponder w/Encoder.
KMA028 Audio Panel w/Marker Beacon and Split Intercom.
4-Place Intercom w/PTT.
Leather Seats

Weight & Balance Information
Fuel Capacity: 56 gallons usable
Basic Empty Weight: 1,710.9 lbs.
Empty Weight Moment: 70045.35 inch/lbs.
Empty Weight Center of Gravity: 40.94 inches
Useful Load: 847.1 lbs.
* Check POH for current information

2011 Cessna 172 – N170RB (G1000)

Garmin G-1000 Fully Integrated Avionics Glass Panel Flight Deck
Garmin GFC-700 Integrated Flight Control System
Altitude Preselect and Capture
High Resolution Flight and Multi-Function Displays
Graphic Engine Performance Depiction
Integrated GPS Mapping With WAAS
Solid State Air Data Computer
Digital Audio Panel with Marker Beacon
GDL-69A XM Satellite Weather & Music
Remote Transponder Indent. Switch
GTX 33 Integrated ModeS Xpdr
4 Place Intercom w/Individual Front and Rear Music Inputs

Cessna 172S 180HP 2011: High Speed Wheel Fairings Auxilliary 12V Power Jack Fuel Injected 4-Place Intercom w/PTT Leather Seats Usable Fuel Capacity: 53 gal. Basic Empty Weight: 1,708.9 lbs Empty Weight Center of Gravity: 42.4 Useful Load: 841.1 lbs.

2010 Cessna 182 – N90391

2010 Cessna Skylane 182T – N90391 (G-1000)
Garmin G-1000 Glass Panel. (IFR Certified, WAAS Capable, Current Database.)Lycoming IO-540-AB1A5 Engine
230 HP @2400 RPM
145 KTAS Cruise Speed @ 80% Power.
924 FPM Climb @ Sea Level. Integral Fuel Tanks, 87 Gal. Usable.

Installed Equipment
GFC-700 Autopilot
GDU-1045 Primary Flight Display (PFD)
GDU-1045 Multi-Function Display (MFD)
GMA-1347 Digital Audio Panel
GTX-33 Transponder – Mode S w/ Traffic Information Service (TIS)
GEA-71 Engine/Airframe Computer
GRS-77 Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS)
GDC-74 Air Data Computer (ADC)
GMU-44 Magnetometer (3-Axis Magnetic Field Information)
GDL-69A High Speed Satellite Datalink
WX500 (Goodrich) Stormscope Processor
Backup Mechanical Indicators: Artificial Horizon, Airspeed Indicator, and Altimeter

Weight & Balance Information
Basic Empty Weight: 2020.1 lbs.
Arm: 39.143 Inches
Moment: 79,073 Inch/Lbs.
Useful Load: 1,089.9 lbs.
Max Ramp Weight: 3,110.0 Lbs.
Max T/O Weight: 3,100.0 Lbs.

1979 Beech Duchess (Twin-Engine)

Year Manufactured: 1978
Serial #ME-79
Aspen PFD
Garmin GPS 430W
AutoPilot w/GPS steer
Garmin Transponder
Max t/o weight 3,900.0
Max ramp weight: 3,916.0
A/C empty weight: 2,647.4
A/C C.G.: 112.33
Useful Load: 1,268.6

2012 Cessna T206H G1000 – N6334F

Fully Integrated EFIS System consisting of:
Two 10.4 high resolution XGA displays (PFD/MFD)
Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS)
Solid State Air Data Computer (ADC)
Solid State 3-Axis Magnetometer
Dual IFR Enroute/Approach & WAAS Certified GPS
XM Satellite Weather & Radio
Garmin GFC 700 Fully Integrated 2-Axis Autopilot
Electronic Engine Indication System (EIS)
Dual Nav/Com
Mode S Transponder
Digital Audio Panel with Audio Playback
Traffic Information System (TIS)
Terrain & Obstacle Mapping
Stormscope System – WX500
Backup Airspeed, Attitude, & Altimeter
Garmin SafeTaxi & FliteCharts
Synthetic Vision
Garmin Active Traffic

Weight & Balance:
Empty Weight – 2393.90 lbs.
Empty Moment – 96633.60
Max Gross Weight – 3616 lbs.
Useful Load – 1222.10 lbs.
C.G. (arm) – 40.36

1981 Cessna 172RG - N6428V

Fly Smarter and Safer

With the Redbird FMX, our instructors can create real situational scenarios by manipulating the environment, causing aircraft malfunctions, further giving you the real experience prior to stepping into an aircraft. They will teach you how to handle unique scenarios so that you may fly more confident on your own.

• Cessna Audio Panel • RT-385A Nav/Com • RT-385A Nav/Com • RT-459A Transponder • KN-64 DME • R-546E ADF

2009 Cessna Corvalis 350 – N513ST

The Cessna 350 features the G1000 fully integrated instrumentation system.
The following G1000 components are installed:
GDU 1040 PFD
GDU 1042 MFP
GCU 476 Remote Keypad
GIA 63/63W Integrated Avionics (2)
GDL 69A Data Link Receiver
GEA 71 Engine Airframe Unit
GDC 74A Air Data Computer
GMU 44 Magnotometer
GMA 1347 Audio System
GTX 33 Mode S Transponder
Empty Weight 2457 LBS
Gross Weight 3400 LBS
Useful Load 943 LBS
Cruising Speed 190 KTS (typical 170 kts)
Stall Speed 57 KTS
Maneuvering Spd 148 KTS
Vne 235 KTS
Continental IO 550-N
310 HP
McCauley Prop 3 Blade

Redbird FMX Simulator

With the Redbird FMX, our instructors can create real situational scenarios by manipulating the environment, causing aircraft malfunctions, further giving you the real experience prior to stepping into an aircraft. They will teach you how to handle unique scenarios so that you may fly more confident on your own.

• Fly in severe weather such as snow storms, heavy turbulence, cross wind and rain
• Effectively react to aircraft malfunctions such as engine, compass and steam and glass gauges
• Learn to trust the instruments rather than outside references
• Cross country fly or take off from different airports around the world
• Communicate more effectively with your trainer about your flight maneuvers and decisions



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