Session 1:

Introduction to Cessna C-172, Skyhawk and Basic Aircraft Control

At the Plane:

Flight controls and basic cockpit familiarization. In the Simulator: startup, checklist procedures, taxi, takeoff, turns, climbs, and descents.

Session 2:

Improving Aircraft Control

In the Simulator:

In the Simulator: Intro to configuration changes, slow flight and approach.

Session 3:

Basic Navigation

In the Simulator:

Area orientation. Navigation to another airport using direct-to GPS navigation. Set-up aircraft for approach. Prep to make a radio call in the airplane.

Session 4:

Putting it all Together

In the Simulator:

Basics of approaches and landings. Point-to-point flight.

Session 5:

In the Plane:

In the Simulator:

Dual –flight with minimal instructor assistance. Start-up, taxi, takeoff, fly to near-by airport, line-up to land, and perform instructor-assisted landing.


The goal of the Pilot QuickStartTM flight training program is to provide individuals with the opportunity to experience piloting an airplane with minimal investment of time and money.

For many participants, the Pilot QuickStart program will provide all of the fun and excitement of flying they will ever need. Others will find themselves hooked on flying and use the QuickStart program as an accelerated starting point for a more extended flying adventure. Most of the time, and all of the study, from the Pilot QuickStart program can count towards additional pilot certifications. The program can be completed in 5 days.


For a fraction of the cost and study time of traditional methods, Alpha Pilot academy will take you on an accelerated adventure that will culminate with YOU taking the controls of a modern Cessna C-172 Skyhawk airplane. With minimal instructor supervision, you will pilot the aircraft from engine start to arriving at your destination airport on a short graduation trip. Congratulations, you are a QuickStart Alpha Pilot!


• Four sessions in a full-motion flight simulator
• A one-hour flight in a Cessna 172 Skyhawk airplane
• Home-study materials provided at enrollment, which include:
– Access to Cessna Web-Based Instruction modules:
· “The Main Parts of the Airplane”
· “The Airplane’s Flight Controls”
– Access to Web-based Training Videos
– Self-study Reading Material
– Cessna Pilot Logbook
– Airport Signs and Markings sheet
– Departure and Destination Airport Taxi Diagrams
– Pilot Checklist for Cessna C-172
– Guide for Making Radio Calls
– NATO Phonetic Alphabet
– Aeronautical Chart


$649 for an individual $798 for two.